Spa Con 2017

In September, I coordinated the RPG games at a con in my home city, Spa Con. This blog post is a quick recap of the weekend with lots of pictures from the con. Enjoy!




The incredible Spa Con program.





Day 1 – Registration










The Black Lodge Photo Booth





Friday night was interesting, as most of the con activities had not started yet. RPGs were also split across two rooms so initially I was worried that our turnout might not be that great. Boy was I ever wrong! The first picture below looks sparse but within an hour 2 tables in that room were full of gamers playing RPGs. A great start to the weekend.



Tomb of Horrors – Game 1







Delve Playtest
& Delta Green





So much gaming!






More gaming!






Tcho Tchos?
Yes, Tcho Tchos!


Saturday was our biggest day. From the RPG panel to 2 sessions of RPG games, this was by far the busiest time for both the RPG rooms as well as the con.



Discos & Dragons





Dungeons & Dragons
Beginner Game






Tomb of Horrors






GURPS Transformers G1






Star Wars RPG











Room 103





Sadly I was so busy I didn’t get any pictures of the RPG games but I was able to attend Professor William Tsutsui’s panel on Godzilla! It was one of the best panels I’ve ever been to on any subject. I’ll be uploading the audio from that panel in a separate post.











Dr. William Tsutsui.







The Spacademy Awards Ceremony





Somehow I managed to get both
Robert J. Schwalb and Stephen
Radney Mac-Farland on my radio show!






The con organizers gave me a
Medal of Honor for my work on the
RPG room.


Goodbye Spa Con! See you in 2018!





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