Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures – Initial Impressions

Today I stopped by my Friendly Local Game Store and picked up 3 blister packs of the new unpainted miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons from Wiz Kids. Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures¬†are a brand new line of iconic monsters and heroes from Dungeons & Dragons lore. The name of the miniature line comes from the magic item “Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments”. I picked up 3 packs:

Kobolds – Each had different weapons, with 1 wielding a shortsword, another with a bow and the third carrying some sort of 2 handed spear or polearm.

Gnolls. Both were wielding 2 handed axes:

and Mind Flayers, 1 of which was holding a staff:

All 3 blisters retailed for $3.99 and included bases for each miniature.

I am very impressed with all 3 releases. One of the nice features for these miniatures was that the entire line is pre-primed with Vallejo primer:

The size of the miniatures is surprising considering the amount of detail on the sculpts. I have yet to see this level of detail in an unpainted plastic miniature.

U.S. Penny included for size comparison. The bases that came with the Kobolds are the smaller size whereas the Gnolls and Mind Flayers had the larger bases included.

Each blister comes with bases that are of great quality but a bit thin in comparison to most standard bases. The bases are solid and lack the usual lip that most plastic bases have. I have yet to paint or glue any of these miniatures to the bases but I think this is going to be a “good thing” in that their thickness and solid construction will give the miniature less chance to fall over, a common problem with plastic miniatures on the slotta bases that are not completely solid in construction.

The only con I could find with the miniatures was that they did still have mold lines on them. This is standard fare for all cast miniatures but do remember to reapply primer to any areas that you remove mold lines from.

You can see the mold lines on the Gnoll’s right arm and the head of its axe.

I’ll post more pictures once I paint a few of these but for now I am very impressed and look forward to using these miniatures in one of my games soon!

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