D&D Beyond – Initial Thoughts

Wizards of the Coast and Curse gaming recently announced their new project, D&D Beyond.

From the official page:

“We are excited to announce development of D&D Beyond, an official digital toolset for use with the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules. We have partnered with Curse to take D&D players beyond pen and paper, providing a rules compendium, character builder, digital character sheets, and moreā€”all populated with official D&D content. D&D Beyond aims to make game management easier for both players and Dungeon Masters by providing high-quality tools available on any device, empowering beginners and veterans alike!

Today was the first day of the open beta and so far the basic rules compendium rules material is available for use. I’ve played with it for a few minutes now and here’s my initial thoughts:

  1. The search function is very good. Very, very good in fact. Wildcards aren’t necessary as the search function returns any results containing your search parameter. As shown in the screenshot, when I searched for “Goblin”, it returned both “Goblin” and “Hobgoblin”. That was really nice as I often forget to use wildcards when searching and that can lead to me missing related information.
  2. Sorting works extremely well for search results.
  3. Filters are great for when you need a monster for a particular challenge rating, size or environment. I was able to quickly make a list of Arctic monsters then sort them by challenge rating. This will be extremely helpful for when you need to make an encounter quickly.
  4. Item results being color coded based on rarity is a direct port from World of Warcraft and a fantastic move! I’m an ex-WoW player so I admit bias here but it was nice to quickly see how rare an item is when I was searching for random items.
  5. The Compendium is excellent but sorely lacking a search feature.

That’s all for now. More as I use the program over the coming weeks. Overall this looks to be a fantastic tool for players and DMs alike. If the mobile apps work as well as the web version, this is going to be an incredible resource for the game!

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