Delta Green

My campaign launches this weekend. My players are already missing key points on things they’re seeing.  Ok, I’ll be nice and say maybe they’re just not talking about them but I’m more leaning towards the latter.  This is a great thing, as Delta Green often bombards players with information and they have a short period of time to sort out what’s real, what’s not real and what will help them keep alive.

It should be a lot of fun. Delta Green is my #1 favorite RPG of all time and this will be the first time I’ve run something longer than 1 shot. The new version of the game has a lot of really awesome mechanics for representing the players and their struggle to stay sane while combating cosmic horrors. Bonds are a particular area I’m excited about that. More on those later. For now, its all about the buildup to the first session.

I’m using all manner of tools to make this game go far past the table. From social networks to real life locations and people, the players are going to see and experience a whole different kind of roleplaying game.

So far, the players are going to be connected and receiving information that’s relative to the game in these mediums:




-?? via phone number (Yet to be revealed but they had to provide me a phone number)

-?? via email (Yet to be revealed but they had to provide me an email address)

I have a full schedule of fun things planned for the players for this whole week. We’re only on day 2 and things are just now starting to ramp up. Tomorrow is going to have twice as much as today did. (That’s my tease for any of my players who might be reading this).

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