Today in Gaming Feb 12 2017

Kinda of a busy weekend and I broke my streak of 1 post a day for the first week of my site but the best part about this is that there’s nothing wrong with that! So here’s things that are occupying my brain right now.

My friend Michael and I are running a workshop at the local library for helping Dungeon Masters improve their skills. If you’re in the central Arkansas area, come join us.

Wizards has a new board game launching this week РAssault of the Giants. 2 versions, 1 with unpainted miniatures and 1 without. Tribality has a great article here about the game. Looks to be fun.

After some personal issues over the weekend that prevented me from writing, I am hoping to finally begin my local Delta Green game this week. Its been a long road coming but I’m running a game set in the town I live in. A group of friends are super excited about the game so expectations are high. I hope to not let them down.

What’s going in your gaming world right now?

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