How to make a Dungeon Master

March 1st I’m running a workshop for new Dungeon Masters (DMs) at the local library. My friend Michael will be co-hosting the workshop with me and we’re going to be using materials graciously provided to us by my friend Brent from up in the cold dark north of Canada. He’s run a workshop for new DMs and had great success in helping the organized play at his local store to grow as a result. We’re hoping to see the same thing happen locally, as DMs here are few & far between.

The local gaming store is selling Player’s Handbooks like crazy these days. I’m hearing 2-3 are being sold every week and I’ve yet to see a copy on the shelves when I’m there. So we have players. But DMs? Far & few between from what I’ve been told.

So how do you make a Dungeon Master?

I’ve been a DM for 35 years and last year I took up the helm again running a game at a local store. Very soon my friend and I will be teaching the aforementioned class and showing people who have never run a game what it means to be a DM. I’ve asked myself many times not just what it means to be a Dungeon Master but what it means to be a Dungeon Master in 2017. So what exactly does it mean?

March 31, 2016 - The first game I ran at Game Planet

The answer to that question, along with a few others, are things I’ll be covering in my next posts. For now, welcome to the Eldritch Seer.

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